Safe and hygienic removal of body hair without skin injuries. This clipping system with single use cartridges is preferred by clinicians around the world. Avoids painful cuts and the risk of infections and ingrown hair, particularly in the genital area.

Used in hospitals worldwide and now for use at home.

Safe use of the trimmer in hard-to-reach areas of the body.

For efficient trimming, quick and safe. The cutting part of the blade on the top helps prevent micro-cuts.

High performance rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for 150 minutes continuous use and only 1 hour recharging time.

The ultimate convenience for charging and storing the trimmer.

Wet and dry use. For cleaning, just rinse or immerse under water when you are finished.

Designed and developed in Switzerland


8 out of every 10 partners find groomed men more attractive than unkempt men.


Trimming the hedges makes the tree look bigger. Need we say more?


Gain confidence, giving you an edge in your career and social life.


Excess hair can trap dirt and sweat, resulting in odor and bacteria.


  • To turn the clipper on, simply push the ON/OFF switch above the LED battery gauge on the clipper. The LED power indicator will light up green.
  • Use short, gentle strokes, holding the trimmer cartridge at a flat to slight angle to the skin. For best results, clip against the direction of the hair growth.
  • For contoured areas, stretch the skin taut while trimming. The trimmer head can be twisted 45° to the left and to the right and be locked in to reached in difficult to reach areas of the body.
  • There are several ways to grasp the clipper. Determine the most comfortable technique that allows you to keep the trimmer cartridge at a flat to a slight angle to the skin.
  • This technique can be performed in a push or pull motion. Never rake the clipper over the skin.
  • Only use on clean skin.

Attach a Disposable Blade to the Trimmer

Make sure that the ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position. After removing the lid of the blade assembly packaging, hold the trimmer body over the blade assembly. Slide the new cartridge into position until it clicks.

Change Disposable Blade

Push the ON/OFF switch into the OFF position. Hold the trimmer in one hand. Position the clipper over a waste bin with the blade facing downward. With your thumb, push the blade off the trimmer body into the waste bin.

Care and Cleaning of the Trimmer

The trimmer body is made of durable plastic and is water resistant. It may be wiped off with a damp cloth containing a small amount of alcohol, disinfectant, or a mild detergent solution. It can also be rinsed under running water or soaked in a disinfectant solution.

Allow to dry completely before placing back into the charger or reusing.